Create an Exponential Pitch Deck

Create an Exponential Pitch Deck

“We are hard wired to learn through stories. When we listen to stories, our neurons align with those of the storyteller. It’s a biological fact that we become one with the attractive narratives we are exposed to.” – Dea Franko Csuba, Serial Entrepreneur & Innovation Coach

This is why learning the art of pitching is essential to scale any idea, startup, corporate innovation project or public proposal. A skillfully designed pitch transmits the essence of the mission and naturally engages future stakeholders, investors, clients, partners, talents.

The journey to building a pitch is an iterative process that can be frustrating at times but always rewarding at the end; and we know the process can be learned. The magic of Creating an Exponential Pitch Deck includes four (4) secret sauce ingredients:

#1: Clarity Roadmap

#2: Exponential Roadmap

#3: Concise Communication & Design

#4: On Demand Pitch Coaches + Pitch Content Developers from the OpenExO Community of change-makers who are Transforming the World for a Better Future.

This ‘Do-It-Yourself’ online course will guide you through #1 – #3. And, once you have completed the online course, you’ll be invited to take advantage of #4 with introductions and connections to Pitch Coaches and Content Creators that can support you in creating an Exponential Pitch Deck. We anticipate you will achieve proportionately larger impact with future stakeholders, investors, clients, partners and talents.

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Difficulty: Beginner

Categories: OpenExO Ecosystems, StartUps, Product Launches, ExOBuilder, Exponential Organizations

Tags: business development, sales, public relations, investors, talent, pitch coaching

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Course Instructors

angelafaye2120 angelafaye2120 Author

Angela is a mobilizing speaker, impact coach, and promoter who LOVES to empower purpose-driven individual & geographically connected property owners to imagine & build “Places Worth Living For”. Angela leverages her own 10x Mindset, plus core competencies of business building, destination development and public relations to help others break through ‘building blocks’ and access maximum happiness, social impact, and profits through “place” in rapidly changing times. As Founder Futurville – an emerging DAO in the OpenExO Ecosystem – her Moonshot is empowering 1 million property owners with exponential inspiration, training and tools to create unique live, work, play destinations. Her Massively Transformative Objective is to facilitate the design, marketing, sales and business development of 2,000 ‘villages of the future’* by 2028. Note: Futurvilles are private impact communities – hybrid physical-digital places leveraging technology for good to create lived experienced focused on play, longevity, adventure, communications and environment. Link to Futurville Pitch Deck:

john john Author

I’m a translator. I love listening to people’s ideas, and then helping them craft a plan on how to realize them. As a pitch coach, I listen to what people say, and distill the signal from the noise. I let them present the best version of their idea, with passion and practicality. At AI Guides, we believe most AI projects fail because organizations get matched to the wrong solutions. Using a human-first approach, we help clients imagine, and then design, validate & integrate AI innovations that transform the way they work. Humans and technology are each doing what they do best, and are able to achieve results neither would be able to achieve on its own.


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