Help Another Challenge

This challenge is an opportunity for you to help another member and earn some EXOS. The person you help must not have had an EXOS-Core wallet before. You can help as many people as you like. See below for instructions.

For those of you who already have the EXOS-Core wallet, we challenge you to help another member who still do not have the EXOS wallet to have it installed, and invite them to join the Discord: Once the new wallet is installed, we ask you to send 5 EXOS to the new wallet of the other member. For your good deeds, we will rewrad you with 10 EXOS and reimburse you with the 5 EXOS you have sent. Please send the following information to with the subject title: Help Another Challenge:

name, email address, and Discord ID of the person you helped.

The transaction id for the 5 EXOS you have sent.

Your wallet receiving address:

Thank you for your participation!

To learn more, take a “Learn & Earn” class:

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