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  • Learning

    Curso Inglés de 4 Niveles Básico a Intermedio (A1-A2-B1-B2)

  • Learning

    Curso Inglés nivel Básico A1

  • ExO Economy

    ExO Economy Business Overview

    The ExO Economy is the global emerging economy of the OpenExO Ecosystem that is transforming the world for a better future. This is the whitepaper about ExO Economy: why it is created, how it evolved, and where it is going.

  • exponential-organizations

    ExO Foundation


    ExO Foundation class provides an overview to the concept of exponential organization and the 11 ExO attributes that are found to be the cornerstones of every exponential organization. In this online class, you will learn the foundations of the ExO Model and unlock access to our marketplace to exchange knowledge and participate in ExO projects.

  • Human Mobility IP and prototype Wheelchairs


    Adaptive Wheelchair with Moveable Seat, Dual-Drive Lever Propulsion – 3 models

    The patented, dynamic seat activates your spine & relieves your back:

    1. The lumbar spine is mobilized
    2. Lymphatic system is activated
    3. The torso muscles strengthen by the seat rotation     
    4. Back muscles loosened through continuous movement     
    5. Effective pressure redistribution through relocation     
    6. Digestion is stimulated

    A smoothly oscillating, natural sequence of movements, which mobilizes the spine, the muscles and the lymphatic system equally. The movement of the dynamic seat can be adjusted steplessly. Even your arms are involved in the sequence of movements through the ergonomic lever-drive providing the whole upper body with the positive effect.

    For Sale: All business assets, wheelchair design drawings of 3 models, 2 patents (US and German), suspension seating, german-engineered. 2 prototypes 1 child, 1 adult.

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  • Economy

    Learn & Earn


    This is an introductory class to the ExO Economy.

  • My Bodytune Home Sensor Companion

    MyBodytune Home Sensor Companion


    A unique home sensor companion to help establish personalized monitoring of you and compare your state of health over time. Easy, safe, non-invasive reading of vitals; carotid blood flow, heart and lung sounds.

    Value Proposition: My BodytuneTM is a non-invasive, tracking and comparison tool to monitor health at-home before, during and/or after a diagnosis.

    1. Reduce healthcare costs by identifying changes in conditions in early stages. 
    2. Monitor existing conditions to avoid secondary surgeries, cath-lab procedures.
    3. Reduce expensive emergency calls.